Why Shop Here?

The Benefits of Thrifting:

  • Good for the Environment: Supports conscious consumption by reducing pollution and environmental waste.
  • Good for your Community: We are a non-profit organization and funds from sales allows St Mary Advocates Inc to provide monetary contributions to organizations & charities that support residents with health & educational needs.
  • Good for your Wallet: Our store offers second hand fashion and housewares at a much cheaper price than buying new from retail or online. We welcome all economic backgrounds and affiliations.
  • Good for your Wardrobe: Thrifting allows for a unique wardrobe with great “treasure” pieces. You can find all sorts of fashion at the store with current and vintage pieces. Second hand shopping itself is trending now!
  • Good for Humanity: Indirectly help reduces the need for cheap labor for cheap fashion by supporting less fast-fashion and more of a circular economy.