Why Shop Here?  

We are one of the oldest non-profits in Hoboken. We are a 100% Volunteer Organization that has been helping the local community since 1976. By shopping here you will help us fund LOCAL organizations to help LOCAL residents who need our help. You will be going GREEN by recycling these items. EVERYONE SHOPS HERE FROM ALL ECONOMIC BACKGROUNDS. Shopping second-hand is HIP! This is not your grandmother’s second-hand store. Our styles are current!

Why Donate Here?

Keep your high-quality donations local by donating here. Since 1976 we have been involved in the community as a non-profit and 100% volunteer organization. The more we sell, the more we donate to local charities. That means your high-quality donations are benefiting the community. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) non-profit charity. Our staff is 100% volunteer, which means all proceeds go to charity.

Why isn’t the store opened more often?  

Because we need more volunteers! We would love to be open later on Wednesday and Sunday and even one weeknight. That’s why we need YOU! Contact us to expand our hours.

Can you pick up my donations?  

Currently, we cannot pick up your donations but you can send your donations over in an UBER. Just called the store during store hours and let us know your driver is on their way. We will remove your donations from the UBER and bring into the store. Please call ahead before sending your items via UBER.

What do you do with the clothes that don’t / can’t sell?   

We work with a third party textile recycling partner. They pick up any items that have not sold and re-donate to other charities and groups around the state of NJ.

Currently our textile partner is Clothing Donation Services of NJ. www.clothingdonationservices.com.  

Can I drop off clothes with rips, tears, stains, broken zippers, etc

NO. We can’t sell them. SORRY.

There are MANY bins for unsellable clothes, shoes, purses and belts around the city of Hoboken. These items placed in the bins are usually shredded to be repurposed and sold overseas. They are to be used as insulation for homes, stuffing for couch cushions and automobile seating stuffing to name a few. Please save our volunteers time and energy and take any unsellable items to the donation bins around town.

What is the store address?  

536 Garden Street Hoboken, NJ 07030

What are the store hours?

Wednesday10AM – 2PM
Thursday12n – 5:00 PM
Friday2 – 6PM
Saturday12:30 – 4:30PM

Where does the money go?

See here for our charities page.

How can I volunteer here?

See here for our volunteering page.

Do you have sales?

Yes, we do! Follow us on social media (Facebook & Instagram) for sales and when new items arrive!

Do you have a dressing room?

No. Sorry, we do not have a dressing room.

Do you accept credit cards/debit cards?

YES! We accept credit cards and Apple Pay! We do pass on the credit card fees and transaction fees to the customer, but the amount is minor and it insures every dollar spent can be put towards helping our community.

Do you sell items online?

No. Sorry, we do not sell items online but will post on social media when new amazing items get dropped off!

Why should I follow you on Instagram /Facebook?

We will post on social media when new amazing items get dropped off!

Do you sell new clothes?

Yes! Many donations still have the tags on them and have never been worn especially in the uptick in online shopping. Many people would rather donate new items then spend the time / money returning the item.

Are the clothes washed?

We discard clothes that don’t look clean, but we can’t vouch for the last time they were laundered.

Who donates to your store?

Our donations come from local people of all walks of life, including our town’s many young professionals, most of whom simply need to clean out their closets for whatever reason. Our styles are current, with many name-brand and designer items, ranging from Gap, Banana Republic, Nike, Lululemon, and Ann Taylor, to Kate Spade, Tahari, Coach, Eileen Fisher, Ferragamo, and more. We have a “Wow” rack that features many of the designer items that come in regularly.

Do you have parking?

Alas, no. We are your typical Hoboken business, in that regard.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, not very. There is a step up into the front door, and the shop is quite tight.